Al Franken Just Hilariously Mocked Today’s ‘Blessed’ Trump Cabinet Meeting

Following this morning’s cabinet meeting in which Trump’s members took turns heaping praise onto him, Senator Al Franken (D-MN) spoke to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews about the bizarre moment.

“I want to ask about this relationship between Trump and his cabinet people, who he hardly knows,” Matthews said. “What did you make of the genuflections around the table this morning? … They said, ‘Thank you for the blessing … of having this position.’”

Franken, a former writer for Saturday Night Live, didn’t skip a beat.

“I think the people there feel very, very blessed. … If they feel blessed to be in his cabinet or to be around him, to be his chief of staff for at least another week or so, they should feel very blessed. And I feel very blessed to be here. … Bless you.”

Franken’s mimicry was a welcome diversion to an otherwise uncomfortable moment at the White House in which Trump’s Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, profusely thanked Trump “for the opportunity and blessing to serve [his] agenda.” While Priebus was also probably trying to save his job, the overt commendation also read much more like it would take place in an autocracy than a democracy.

It’s no secret that Trump would rather receive praise than actually govern the country. Yet as his closest confidants continue to discard their integrity in pursuit of the President’s adoration, they are also effectively pinning the rest of their political careers on Trump’s doomed presidency.