American School District Submits To Sharia Law, Kids Made To Do Sick Thing

The San Diego Unified School District has submitted to the demands of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to change the whole system to include all aspects of Islam. It’s an assault on our children and American culture, which is what CAIR is all about. They have brainwashed idiot liberal teachers into making our kids do sick things in a total takeover. This is as scary as it gets, and it’s happening right now.

It’s now being reported that the entire San Diego Unified School District has essentially surrendered to Sharia law. According to the San Diego Tribune, CAIR made a play hoping that the liberal loons on the school council would capitulate to their demands all in the name of bullying. The one problem with the whole “bullying Muslim students” narrative is that it’s a big lie.

“A report released by CAIR that year found 55 percent of American Muslim students surveyed in California said they were bullied because on their religion, which was twice as high as the national statistic of students reporting being bullied at school,” reports the San Diego Tribune.

The report goes on, “The district doesn’t have data on how many students are Muslim, but [the] report to the board Tuesday included a breakdown of incidents of bullying for various reasons from July 1 to Dec. 31, 2016. The report showed seven bullying incidents because of religion, although it did not specific the faith.

So, CAIR freaks out the liberal teachers with a bogus report. Notice that “according to CAIR” over half of American Muslim students “they” surveyed report bullying in California. But, when it comes to an actual report, there were only seven incidents and they weren’t logged as any religion over another.

Still, the idiot liberal teachers took the bait, and now, they are making sure the kids will be indoctrinated into all things relating to Islam. Muslim students will now be provided with “safe spaces,” even as Christian students are forbidden to hold prayer gatherings on school grounds, and if that isn’t sick enough, students will be required to take lessons on Islam even though there are no classes teaching Christianity.

Stan Anjan, executive director of Family and Community Engagement at the district, is mostly to blame. This guy is anti-Trump, and he is citing the election of our new president. As the reason there is this mythical Islamophobia going on. “There’s a sense of urgency around this work, especially post-election,” Anjan said.

Hanif Mohebia, Executive Director of CAIR in San Diego, is as delighted as he can be; he’s making history screwing American culture and our kids. “If we do this right, San Diego Unified School District would be the leading school district in the nation to come up with a robust and beautiful anti-bully and anti-Islamophobic program,” he said.


Tucker Carlson interviewed Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Network at the end of March. Who is fighting to stop the Islamization of our schools. The video below is a chilling reminder that CAIR continues to infiltrate our society and is targeting our kids.

These snakes at CAIR are backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, and they have a simple agenda — take stupid. Weak liberals in America and sell them the lie of Islamophobia, then use them to gain access to our kids at an early age to indoctrinate them to hate America and, as a bonus, get some of them to convert to Islam.

It’s a simple plan, and even though we have President Donald Trump, that doesn’t stop the idiot liberals. Running our school districts, from letting the wolves in. Make sure other patriots are aware that they are starting this in California because they know it will work there, but their plan is to go all across America and get into as many school districts as possible.

We also can stop them, and we must stop them. Our kids are the future of the free world, and they deserve better. Than these weak-kneed liberals who are giving America away to our sworn enemies. We got rid of Barack Obama to stop the Islamic- liberal agenda, we also will not be fooled again.