Cher: ‘Trump Is An A**hole, If He Remains Our President I Will Move To Jupiter And Never…’

Before election and even during the election numerous of celebrities mocked Trump. Shameless they pointed tons of disgusting words towards him, they felt like he can’t be our leader. Cher was one of them. The timeless took herself on twitter and used to constantly attack our current leader. She even said that she would move to Jupiter if he is elected.

Take a look:

That’s not all. It’s just one of thousand tweets that she announced before the election. Soon after Trump declared his activity for president, Cher called Trump a “Bigot” on Twitter:

She has announced various circumstances on Twitter about Trump from that point forward, calling him “a pathological liar,” “a racist,” “a fascist” and “disgusting & despicable.”

She has additionally compared Trump with Adolf Hitler, scrutinized his capacity to “face ISIS” when he undermined to not partake in a level headed discussion and said he would begin a “race war” on the off chance that he is chosen.

I wonder why is she still here? We don’t need celebrities who spread hate. She attacked him with no reason, how could she know what is Trump going to do with our nation?

At the moment situation in the United States is better than ever before, Donald Trump is doing his job as a real leader. Do you agree that no one (and when i say no one I’m damn serious) would do a better job than Trump… We are lucky to have you Mr. President. All these celebrities will be boycotted, we will help you all together. MAGA!