CNN Gives Illegals Aliens Tips On How To Escape The Police

We remember the good ole’ days when aiding and abetting criminals was against the law. Apparently, that is not the case anymore. CNN proved that when they released an article giving undocumented immigrants tips for avoiding ICE.

Here’s an excerpt from the outrageous article, entitled ‘5 must-have apps for undocumented immigrants’:

“President Trump’s efforts to crack down on immigration have left millions of undocumented immigrants with an uncertain future in America. In response, digital entrepreneurs are using technology to help support this community. These five apps and tools arm undocumented immigrants with knowledge, safety, and moral support without also compromising privacy.”

To help lawbreakers avoid getting caught, CNN listed 5 apps including ‘Notifica.’ The app allows undocumented immigrants who are subject to a raid by ICE to send out an emergency warning to all of their contacts. The message will then disappear from your phone’s memory.

“I want to do everything in my power to make sure that individuals aren’t afraid and they are able to live a life with dignity and respect that they deserve,” Adrian Reyna, founder and an undocumented immigrant herself, notes.

What do you think? Should this type of behavior be illegal?