Geraldo Reveals Obama’s Evil Plan To Destroy Trump From Inside The White House

Liberals have finally decided it’s fruitless to deny much of their misconduct regarding President Trump. Every since the wiretap allegations surfaced, the liberals have had to systemacically give up ground when their outrage and denials are prove to be complete malarkey.

The original indingnant response by the left gave way to denials that former Obama was in an way involved. That was quickly followed by excuses that someone else in the administration ordered it. Which was than followed by justifications that the whole thing was completely above board and even crucial to national security.

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera decided to take the position, in a recent segment. That while the wiretapping did happend under Obama’s watch, it must have been legal.I guess resting on the unassailable character of the Obama administration and the Hillary campaign?

Rivera refers to “IED’s”going of, set by, “political operatives left over by the Obama administration”. How are “political operatives” even considerd acceptable. And why are we freely talking about them like they are normal? If the Trump administration has people inside the White House who are sabotaging his movements. That will most likely constitute treason, and they will be harshly dealt with.

It’s a sad day when American’s are willing to devide us from the inside becouse they are traumatized that someone they don’t considered to be “political” enough won an election.

And it’s a tribute to the incredible job that the news media has done brainwashing the coming generation of Americans. That they would want to cut off their nose to spite their face, so to speak. Causing informations leaks and security breaches is a little like cutting your own break lines before you get in the car. Becouse you are ticked off at the driver. You can gloat, but you are still going up in a blaze of glory.

It should be the sincere wish of any true American that our justice system will hand down swift. And severe judgement on there ‘ operatives ” when they are found.