Here’s a List of Obama’s Scandals that Didn’t Get a Special Counsel

The liberal media and desperate democrats were delighted this week over news the Department of Justice has appointed a special counsel to oversee the Russian-Trump “witch-hunt.”

The left’s hypocrisy couldn’t be more transparent.

For eight years the Obama administration and Clintons skated through scandal after scandal –many of which violated federal law- without a peep from the Attorney General or the FBI.

Here’s a ‘short’ list.

Obama administration scandals and crimes that required ZERO special counsels

  • BENGHAZI – 4 Americans killed, countless others affected.
  • IRS SCANDAL – The IRS intentionally targeting conservative organizations.
  • FAST & FURIOUS – The illegal sale of guns to drug dealers, resulting in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
  • HILLARY’S EMAILS – The former Secretary of State’s mishandling of classified information.
  • BOWE BERGDAHL – Released for five Taliban prisoners under suspicious circumstances.
  • IRANIAN PRISONER SWAP for $400 million cash payment.
  • HILLARY PAY TO PLAY during her tenure at the State Department
  • VETERANS ADMINISTRATION – Long wait times and poor conditions that resulted in the deaths of countless veterans.
  • LORETTA LYNCH and her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.
  • UNMASKING of private American citizens for political purposes.
  • SOLYNDRA- The funneling of funds by Obama administration to private companies.
  • SECRET SERVICE prostitution scandals during presidential overseas trips.
  • HURRICANE SANDY relief funds that never found their way to New York and New Jersey.
  • OBAMACARE WEBSITE that cost over $600 million and didn’t work.

Just to name a few.