Nikki Haley Just Crushed CNN For Trying To Defend Assad’s Chemical Attack Against Children

Even after President Trump’s attack on Assad, the media has continued to perpetuate the myth that Trump is working with Putin. They have attacked the President’s decision and even complained about the cost of the missiles to the taxpayer. Even though they have never cared about that kind of thing before.

This makes the real question, why is CNN defending Assad’s right to kill children? Maybe CNN are the ones working for Russia. The United States UN ambassador Nikki Haley has been making headlines for turning against the UN liberals and defending President Trump’s decision. She went on air and gave CNN a piece of her mind.

“You know, the interesting thing, Chuck, is when this chemical weapons murder happened to so many people, Russia’s reaction was not, “Oh, how horrible,” or, “How could they do this to innocent children,” or, “How awful is that?” Their initial reaction was, “Assad didn’t do it. The Syrian government didn’t do it,” explained Haley. She went on to compliment Trump.

“I have watched this administration focus so much on the safety of United States citizens. And as a mom and as a wife, I’m very grateful for that. So what this president has done is said, “Prove to me that you are vetting these people properly. And if you are vetting them properly, then we will resume where we are. But until then, you have to prove to me that these people are being vetted in a way that we’re not putting American citizens at risk,” said Haley.

“I think that the focus we need to have is how we get to a safe Syria. How do we make sure that those that have fled that area can go home and make sure they get back there?” explained Haley.