Punish college girls that bashed puppy with hammer until it died and smiled for photo!

I am asking every compassionate reader of this petition to sign and share this cause to ensure that these deranged and out-of-control girls are strictly punished for their sick deeds. Animal abuse should not be condoned, especially at such a tender age. Take action now and ensure justice is served for this girls!

The girls in the photo have been identified as Alina Orlova and Aliona Savchenko (also known as Kristina Konoplya on social media). It seems that the two college students from Khabarovsk, Russia are not too fond of animals and have started a massive vigilante, home-made cull against them. Ms. Orlova and her friend are actively searching for animals that are put up for adoption from local shelters / rescuers. They are handed custody of the animals and take the pledge to carefully look after them. Little to the animals know what was heading their way.

A series of shocking photos posted on a Russian blog illustrates the inhumanity that unfolds once the girls have gotten ahold of the animals. In one photo, a helpless cat is cut in half with a knife, as it has its  internal organs removed. In another disturbing scene, a puppy is bashed over the head with a hammer and then hung and shot. They later took the life of another defenseless puppy – the illustrates in the photo above. The girls hit the helpless creature with a hammer, and then left him to die, before snapping a few photos and bragging about what they had done online.

Please take a careful look at the smile exhibited by the two – for them, this is only entertainment, they regard all of this a joke. The fact that they openly posted the photos on social media, on their VKontakte accounts (which is the equivalent of Facebook in Russia) only speaks volumes about their lack of humanity and decency. On other occasions, the two would post photos of their next victim and ask followers how they wanted the dog or cat to die. One absolutely disgusting photo comes in my mind, where Alina Orlova could be seen clutching a cute puppy with her mouth open, as if she was trying to bite the poor animal.


The series of revolting photos went viral online shortly after being published. Ms. Orlova, 21, has since been detained in the Russian city of Vladivostok, as she she was waiting for a connecting flight between her home in Khabarovsk to St Petersburg. She stated that she was innocent and said that the photos on her social media account had been ‘photoshopped’. She also closed her Vkontake profile, saying she ‘felt loved’. There is no word if her accomplice, Ms. Konoplya, 19, has been arrested.

According to local media, Kristina’s family has strong ties with the local police force in Khabarovsk and, without doubt, her relatives will be looking to use their influence to get both Kristina and her best friend out of trouble.

Please take action to ensure these deranged teenagers are brought to justice. And are strictly punished for harming dozens of innocent cats and dogs. There is no excuse for their outrageous behavior and I can only hope they will not be left off the hook. And not be held accountable for the tremendous pain they have inflincted with a smile on their faces.

Justice must prevail at all costs, so please sign and share!



Other animals are seen dead – including one which the girls apparently cut open to pull out its internal organs.

Source: https://loopfyblog.com