Rush Sees Trump Attack Syria, Immediately Drops Bombshell On Air Everyone Has Missed..

Former President Barack Obama was spying on the wrong people, talk show host Rush Limbaugh said Friday.

“If Obama had spent more time surveilling and monitoring (Syrian leader Bashar al-)Assad than he was spending time surveilling and monitoring Trump, then maybe the Obama Regime would have known that Assad still had weapons of mass destruction and was using them,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh said although the Syrian leader was the true enemy of the United States, Obama instead played politics.

“Do you realize Assad’s been doing this for seven years, folks? The gassing of Syrian citizens with chemical weapons and other WMD has been going on for seven years,” Limbaugh maintained. “And Obama’s out there surveilling Trump and whoever else during the Republican primary campaign and then the Trump transition.”

Limbaugh said Syria’s use of chemical weapons and Trump’s attack on a Russian ally have turned the narrative of who is the pawn of Russia on its head.

“The Democrats want you to believe that Trump’s in bed with Putin, right?” Limbaugh said. “They don’t have any evidence for it, but they’re convinced it happened, right? So Trump and Putin are buddy-buddy. Trump doesn’t ever criticize Putin. What in the world, then, would Trump be talking about going into Syria for? Because that’s a Russian ally. And if Trump is even talking about attacking Syria, then he can’t possibly be Putin’s best friend. And that’s according to the (media) and the rest of the Democrats. I mean, Trump attacking Syria undercuts the entire narrative that Trump and Putin are buddies.”

In contrast, Limbaugh pointed out who had done what Russia wanted.

“One of the things that the Obama administration was celebrating was that they had completely removed chemical weapons from Syria,” he said. “There’s a problem now, though. Those chemical weapons were just used in an attack in Syria on Syrian citizens. So how could the Obama administration have gotten rid of all of these? They claimed they gave all of that chemical weapons stock to the Russians. Oh, yeah! Yeah, folks! The Obama administration — now the dire enemy of the Russians, victimized by the Russians — gave the chemical weapon stocks in Syria to the Russians. Which means the Russians probably gave it right back to the Syrians.

“If Obama had not trusted and colluded with the Russians … (he) might have realized the Russians had lied to him about getting rid of all the Syrian WMD. Because the story was that Assad had gotten rid of them,” Limbaugh said.

Meanwhile, the image of Trump portrayed by Democrats doesn’t seem as accurate now, Limbaugh said.

“Trump, the supposed Putin lover — Trump supposedly in the tank for Putin, Trump supposedly co-opted by Putin, Trump supposedly aligned with Putin — attacks Russia’s client state, Syria,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh said he failure of the Obama administration to know what Syrian was up to could mean a similar failure took place with respect to Iran.

“We need to remember that the Obama administration said they forced Assad to give up all of his chemical weapons. Remember, now, this is the same Obama administration that claimed the Iran deal will keep Iran from ever getting a nuclear bomb. How are you feeling about that now, folks?” Limbaugh said.

“Susan Rice, back in January, assured everybody that everything was fine, that we had forced Assad to get rid of all the chemical weapons and the chlorine gas, weapons of mass destruction. Obviously, Assad didn’t. He’s laughing at Obama all the way, and Obama’s the same guy that tells us that the Iranians will not be developing a nuclear weapon,” Limbaugh said.

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