SICKENING! A Busted Child Sex Trafficking Site Leads Straight To Democrats

Executives from the infamous website are facing serious charges. For offering sex trafficking including child trafficking. All of the executives are top sponsors of the Democrat party of Colorado. is the retailer of the sordid ads that appear in the back of newspapers to advertise adult services. The site’s admins are currently being tried in front of a grand jury in Arizona.

he executives are facing the charges of knowingly accepting advertisements offering sex with underaged. The lawyer for two of the founders of the site acknowledges the guilt of his clients and in a recent court filing that stated that “indictments may issue anytime.”

 The court heard how the website developed software to edit ads appearing in publications. Plus, they removed keywords related to prostitution and child trafficking to “clean up” the ads before publication. accepted ads from child sex traffickers and edited the ads for them removing terms such as “barely legal,” “cheerleader,” and “Lolita.” These are all terms that indicate child prostitute in the sex tourism community.

It worth to mention that 4 of the executives of the sex trafficking websites (and their wives) all donated a juicy amount of $90,000 to the Colorado Senate Victory Fund. This means that the Colorado Democrats received money from their largest sponsors. Who obtained the funds by offering a platform for child and sex trafficking.

The knowledge of this sordid deal has caused Colorado’s conservatives to demand the party donate the funds to a non-partisan charity to fight child trafficking.

Sadly, local liberal newspapers are defending the executives claiming they are not directly responsible for what “third parties” publish on their website.

The liberals have no troubles about a website which editing ads. To help child perverts pass undetected through the radar of law enforcement.

But the Colorado Democrats deserve to be investigated. The fact that Democrats are comfortably receiving money from child prostitution is quite disturbing. And it’s a clear reflection of the true colors of that party.