IT’S OVER! Trey Gowdy Just DESTROYED CNN With Only 2 Words!

When it comes to being all about the law with ZERO B.S., Trey Gowdy is the absolute KING! Today, he proved it again by taking down CNN with only 2 Words.

The CNN hostess, Alisyn Camerota, tried to trick Gowdy by asking him if he was investigating the Russia-election claims and Devin Nunes at the same time. She was CLEARLY implying they were tied together.


That’s when Gowdy fired back with this:

Don’t Conflate the two!

Gowdy schooled Camerota by telling her,

Alisyn, the trip to the White House that Devin took had nothing to do with Russia. So let’s don’t conflate the trip with the investigation.”

He summed it up so simple, even a liberal TV show host could understand,

“What Devin went to the White House about has nothing to do with Russia, so put that in a separate track. I was ready yesterday to start interviewing witnesses, all of them.”

Great job, Mr. Gowdy! You absolutely OWNED those “Fake News” makers at CNN.

Maybe they should take a lesson in honesty and hard work from this man. If you love Trey Gowdy, and I know you do, then let him know and Share this everywhere!