Tucker Carlson Calls Out Don Lemon for Not Covering Susan Rice ‘Unmasking’ Story

On Tuesday night’s broadcast of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson took the opportunity to go after one of his cable news rivals over an editorial decision.

As you may recall, in the wake of reports that former National Security Adviser had requested the identities of Trump transition team members from raw intelligence. CNN’s Don Lemon announced that he wouldn’t “insult the intelligence” of his viewers by discussing the story. Well, Carlson felt this deserved to be called out.

Having already taken the entire network of CNN and the rest of the media to task over the way it handled its coverage. — or non-coverage — of the Rice revelations, Carlson welcomed on conservative political commentator Mark Steyn to talk about the whole thing.

After Steyn noted that there is likely no evidence of “meaningful collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia because it would have been leaked by now, Carlson took aim at Lemon and CNN.

“Have you noticed how the boundary markers have changed?” Carlson asked.

After quoting what Lemon said Monday night when the CNN host noted that “there was no evidence whatsoever that the Trump team was spied on illegally,” he explained that is “kind of a big thing.”

“A month ago, totally false, they weren’t spied upon,” Tucker snarked. “Now they weren’t spied upon illegally.”

Steyn and Carlson would continue to hammer CNN for jumping on the president for not providing proof to back up his wiretapping claims and now moving to the direction of stating the evidence that comes out is unsubstantiated.

Source: http://ijr.com